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CS133 sem 2, AY 2016--2017

Semester 2, AY 2016 to 2017
 by F. Cabarle, K. Buño,  and H. Adorna

The introduction of suitable abstractions is our only mental aid to reduce the appeal to enumeration, to organize and master complexity. — E. W. Dijkstra

  • Welcome to the class web page for CS 133 THU, THU-1, THZ, THZ-1! Files and announcements will be concatenated to this list, from oldest (top) to newest (bottom). Stay tuned!
  • Syllabus for all four sections is HERE.
  • 06 Feb: The date for EXAM 1 is set on 14 Feb 2017.
    • Please also read the article ``reading1'' for exam 1.
  • 09 Feb: I apologize, but I cannot come to the department today for CS133 consultations. For concerns regarding some points of the class discussions, you can send an email (kelvin_buo@yahoo.com). - K. Buño
    • We have decided that the instructors will be providing all the bluebooks for each student for the examinations. For those who have submitted their bluebooks beforehand, we will give you back a new bluebook for each bluebook you have submitted.
Date(s)  Lesson(s)Resource(s) 
17 JanIntroduction Day 01
24 Jan
26 Jan
31 Jan
Regular languages and finite automataDay 02
Day 03
Day 04
2 Feb
 Regular Expressions
Day 05
7 Feb
Non-Regular Languages and Pumping Lemma
 Day 06
 9 Feb
Review for EXAM 1
Problem Set, reading1
14 Feb
16 Feb
21 Feb
23 Feb
 Context-Free Languages and Grammars
Day 09
Day 10
Day 11
 28 Feb
2 Mar
 Pushdown Automata
Day 12
Day 13
 7 Mar
 Pumping Lemma for Context-Free Languages
Day 14
9 Mar
Review for EXAM 2
 Problem Set
 14 Mar
  Turing machines, Turing recognizable and decidable languages
Day 17Day 18

 Turing machine variants, Turing-Church thesis, further topics on computability,
 Day 19reading2
problem setreading3,
Day 20 (reading 4, review of Chomsky hierarchy),
Day 21Day 22,
Day 23

Relevant holiday(s) as per UPD AY2016 to 2017 calendar:
  • 09 April, Sunday.
  • 13 to 14 April, Thursday to Friday.
  • 01 May, Monday.