CS 133 - Automata Theory and Computability



                1-1:25pm             Parikh's Theorem  

                                            provide at least: definitions,significance,proof     


                1:30-1:55pm        PageRank and Its Complexity

                                            provide at least: definitions,significance,proof  


                2-2:25pm             Automata Theory and Artificial Intelligence

                                            provide at least: definitions,specific examples,significance



                2:30-2:55pm        Greibach Normal Form

                                            provide at least: definitions,conversion algo,compare/contrast with CNF (advantages/disadvantages),uses


                3-3:25pm             Mealy and Moore Machines

                                            provide at least: definitions,significance,compare/contrast Mealy and Moore, advantages/disadvantages, specific examples


                3:30-3:55pm        Cellular Automata

                                             provide at least: definitions,significance,specific examples,applications  


We'll move the reporting schedule to May 10 instead of May 8. But you'll be submitting a written report on May 8. 


The oral report should take at most 25 minutes and should at least cover the points I mentioned above. 

The written report is expected to be more detailed than the oral report. Don't forget to cite your references. Include at the last section a list of contributions of each member of the group.

03 May 2018 - FINAL EXAM is on 24 May 2018, Thursday, 4-6pm.

08 May 2018 - You may submit your written report  thru email (nshernandez@dcs.upd.edu.ph) with subject: CS133 written report (your section). Deadline is today 11:59pm.

You may also get your 3rd exam bluebooks from me at Rm 317 (ACLab) today from 1 to 4 pm.

18 May 2018 - I've already finished checking your LE4. But I still need to incorporate your scores for the report before I can release your class standing. Class standing will be posted here on Monday, at the latest.

19 May 2018 - Class standing: THW and THX

20 May 2018 - You may get the LE4 from me on Tuesday, 22 May, 1-3pm at Rm 319.

24 May 2018 - Reminder: FINAL EXAM IS TODAY, 24 May 2018, 4-6pm, CLR2.




2015-09240   68% (final grade 3.0)

2015-03088    54% (final grade 5.0)