CS239 (Parallel computing) S1 AY 2016 to 2017

Semester 1, AY 2016 to 2017.

  • 08 Ago: Welcome to class page for CS239 (WedE)! Announcements and course related materials will be uploaded in this page.
  • 08 Ago: Some GPU computing online resources:
    • http://docs.nvidia.com/cuda (includes setup for Linux, Windows, Mac; CUDA C programming guide, et al)
    • http://developer.download.nvidia.com/books/cuda-by-example/cuda-by-example-sample.pdf (more examples of beginning CUDA programming)
      • With some helper libraries found here.
    • http://gpgpu.org/
    • http://gpucomputing.net/
    • https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-training
    • List of proposal presentations (20 to 30min) for 05 October 2016 (Wed):
      1. Cayaco, GPU Based Real-Time Object Tracking with Custom Parameters.
      2. Trinidad, Parallelization of Learning Curve Plotting.
      3. Aborot, Quantum algorithm for string matching on GPU.
      4. Manzala, Using GPU for Accelerating the Reporting Service Application for a Mobile Health Data Collection Reporting System.
      5. Villafranca, Parallel Neighborhood Search for the Analysis of Texture Exemplars.
    1. Carlos, Verification of PAGASA-WRF Rainfall Prediction Using Massively Parallel Hardware.
    • List of proposal presentations (20 to 30min) for 12 October 2016 (Wed):
      1. Carandang, Improvements on CuSNP: A Parallel Simulator for Spiking Neural System.
      2. Medina and Torres, Log Analyzer for openCL.
      3. de la Cruz, Spiking Neural P Systems CUDA Simulator with Rule Delays and Non-determinism.
      4. Gueco, Parallel Implementation for Finding Structural Motifs.