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Upcoming Activities

2019--2020 Lectures

All are invited to the following:
  1. Ren Tristan De La Cruz will give a talk on A Formal Framework for Static and Dynamic P systems, on 17 September, 2019 (Tuesday), 13:00h at room 317. 
  2. Jhoirene Clemente, ``ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IN COMPUTATION: REOPTIMIZATION AND ADVICE''. 30 September 2019, 16:00h, ERDT Room.

Academic Year 2016-2017 Graduate Lecture Series
  • The following schedule is with respect to the UP Diliman AY 2016-2017 calendar.
  • Unless otherwise stated: the default venue is room 317, UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall, Velasquez St., UP Diliman, Quezon City; lectures in the first semester of the academic year are held by default during Thursdays (GMT+8).
  • Unless otherwise stated, all lectures are open to the public.
Semester 1, AY 2016-2017
 Schedule(s) Speaker(s)Topic(s) Remark(s)
 25 Aug 2016, 16:00h to 17:00hKelvin Buño  Some recent results on dP systems 
20 October, Thursday, 16:15h to 17:00hJym Paul A. Carandang Updates on CuSNP: Spiking Neural P Systems Simulators in CUDA (tentative title)New schedule is 27 October, same time, with venue at classroom 3.
27 October, Thursday, 16:15h to 17:00hRen Tristan A. de la CruzOn Spiking Neural P Systems and String Languages (tentative title)Venue is Classroom 3.
 10 November, Thursday, 16:15h to 17:00h Herbert Gerard T. VillafrancaAn Introduction to Multiple-Exemplar Based Texture Synthesis  

Past Activities: