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Theory Days 2018 @AClab

Theory Days 2018


Theory Days 2018 celebrates two main reasons: 11 years of Algorithms and Complexity at the Department of Computer Science in UP Diliman, as well as 106 years since the birth of Alan Turing, the founder of computer science. Theory Days 2018 aims to celebrate both these reasons by providing invited talks under the general theme of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science and their related practice.

Talks and other activities in Theory Days 2018, such as brainstorming or break-out sessions, are largely informal in nature: the main reason is to initiate discussions which may lead to (in)formal collaborations, conference or journal articles, open problems for (under)graduate students and the computing community, or just for fun!


21 June (9:00 AM - 2:45 PM) and 22 June (9:00 AM - 5:40 PM) 2018, ERDT Room, 2nd floor, UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall (UP AECH), P. Velasquez Street, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.

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Note: The program days are fixed but times and speakers are still subject to change.

Day 1: 21 June 2018 (Thursday)




09:00AM to 09:20AM


09:20AM to 09:40AM

Opening Remarks for Theory Days 2018 and Day 1

by Francis George C. Cabarle

09:40AM to 10:00AM

Talk: Algorithms and Models of Computation

by Ren Tristan A. de la Cruz

10:00AM to 10:20AM

Talk: (TBA)

by Michael H. Indico

10:20AM to 10:35AM


10:35AM to 10:55AM

Talk: Hammock(2k)-Poset Cover Problem for k < is in P

by Ivy Ordanel

10:55AM to 11:15AM

Talk: Simulating RSSN P Systems in Silico

by Dionne Peter Cailipan

11:15AM to 12:25PM

Lunch Break

12:25PM to 01:35PM

Brainstorming Sessions / Breakout Sessions / Discussions

01:35PM to 01:45PM

Closing Remarks for Day 1

01:45PM to 02:45PM

ACLab planning for research funding, equipments, etc.

Day 2: 22 June 2018 (Friday)




09:00AM to 09:20AM


09:20AM to 09:30AM

Opening Remarks for Day 2

09:30AM to 09:50AM

Talk: Developments and Future for ACLab-S3 Lab research endeavors

by Jasmine Malinao

09:50AM to 10:10AM

Talk: MPTree: An Improved Implementation of the PTree Algorithm for Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction

by Haifa Gaza

10:10AM to 10:30AM

Talk: Matrix representation and Automation of Verification of Soundness of Robustness Diagram with Loop and Time Controls

by Karen Margaret Agnes

10:30AM to 10:50AM


10:50AM to 11:10AM

Talk: Mining all maximal biclusters with perfect shift-scale patterns in numerical datasets

by John Erol Evangelista

11:10AM to 11:30AM

Talk: Some Insights and Challenges on Algorithms and Theory of Computation

by Henry Adorna

11:30AM to 11:50AM

Talk: Communication Complexity of SAT in dP Systems.

by Kelvin Buño

11:50AM to 12:10PM

Talk: Matrix Representation and simulation algorithm of Spiking Neural P Systems with Structural Plasticity

by Zechariah Jimenez

12:10PM to 01:15PM

Lunch Break

01:15PM to 01:40PM

Talk: A Game-Theoretic Framework for Time-Dependent Pricing in Wireless Networks with On-Demand Bandwidth Reservations

by Ryan Paul D.J. Gozum

01:40PM to 02:05PM

Talk: Define The Relationship - Anecdotes on the importance of Clarity in furthering Software Quality Research

by Roy Canseco

02:05PM to 02:30PM

Talk: Trouble in fairyland - challenges and opportunities at the Philippine Microsatellite program

by Romer Aranas

02:30PM to 02:55PM

Talk: On the Stable Matching Problem

by Richelle Ann Juayong

02:55PM to 03:15PM


03:15PM to 03:40PM

Talk: An Overview of Texton-Based Texture Analysis and Synthesis for Irregular and Stochastic Exemplars

by Herbert Gerard Villafranca

03:40PM to 03:55PM

Talk: Melanoma Detection of Skin Images with Artifacts Removal and Lesion Segmentation using Deep Learning

by Julie Ann Acebuque Salido

03:55PM to 04:15PM

Talk: Easy Reoptimization Variants of some NP-hard problems

by Jhoirene Clemente

04:15PM to 05:30PM

Brainstorming Sessions / Breakout Sessions / Discussions

05:30PM to 05:40PM

Closing Remarks Theory Days 2018 and Day 2

by Jan Michael Yap