"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called 'research', would it?" - A. Einstein

AY 2015-2016 Activities

Academic Year 2015-2016 Graduate Lecture Series
  • The following schedule is with respect to the UP Diliman AY 2015-2016 calendar.
  • Unless otherwise stated: the default venue is room 317, UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall, Velasquez St., UP Diliman, Quezon City; lectures in the first semester of the academic year are held by default during Thursdays (GMT+8).
  • Unless otherwise stated, all lectures are open to the public.

 Schedule Speaker(s) Topic(s) Remark(s)
13 June 2016, 17:00h, ERDT roomGeoffrey SolanoThe Consequentiality of Updates in Dynamic GraphProposal defense for PhD dissertation 

Semester 2
 Schedule Speaker(s) Topic(s) Remark(s)
11 February 2016, 16:00h to 17:00h Darrwin Dearest AustriaSome Algorithms on Generating Random Simple Graphs  
 18 February 2016, 16:00h to 17:00hJhoirene Clemente Advice Complexity of the Online Search Problem  
21 April 2016, 16:00h to 17:00h Geoffrey SolanoThe Consequentiality of Edge Updates on Dynamic Directed Graphs Abstract of talk 

Semester 1
 ScheduleSpeaker TopicRemarks
06 August 2015, 16:00h - 17:00h, 18:00h-19:00hKlarizze Romero / Richelle Juayong  Modification and Parallelization of the qPMS7 Algorithm / Language computations in ECPe systems vis-a-vis Transition P systems
13 August 2015, 16:30h - 18:00hJan Michael Yap Algorithmics in Data Visualization 
20 August 2015, 16:30h - 18:00hKelvin Buño dP systems and distributed algorithms
27 August 2015, 16:30 - 18:00hJhoirene ClementeOnline Algorithms and Advice Complexity via the Internet; Alternate link
10 September 2015, 14:30h - 16:00hNestine S. Hernandez A Recognizing Enzymatic Numerical P System Solving the 3SAT Problem 
 24 September 2015, 16:30h - 18:00hGeoffrey Solano Some Centrality Measures for Networks 
 01 October 2015, 16:30h - 18:00hKelvin BuñoA survey on dP systems part 1 
08 October 2015, 14:30h to 16:00h Jasmine Malinao  On Building Multidimensional Workflows for  Complex Systems Modellingvia the Internet; detailed abstract HERE 
 15 October 2015, 16:00h to 17:30hJeffrey Aborot Quantum approximate string matching for large alphabets  
 05 November 2015, 16:00h to 17:30h Kelvin BuñoA survey on dP systems part 2  
 12 November 2015, 16:00h to 17:00h Richard Bryann Chua Formal Verification of E-Voting Protocol