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CS 220 - Survey of Programming Languages


 06 April 2018 - Here is the class standing after 3 Problem Sets. Also, I've already uploaded the oral/written report topics as well as the respective guidelines for the reports (see right side). See you all later! :)

09 March 2018 - I just received this day a notice regarding a possible meeting that is (tentatively) scheduled the whole day of 16 March 2018, Friday next week. Whether or not this pushes through, I have decided that we tackle Sessions 5 (Functional PL) and 6 (Declarative PL) during our class later. We will still try to observe the normal lecture hours (i.e. 6:20pm-8:30pm), although I'll just have to give you a heads up that we might stretch the lectures up until 9:00pm. Given this, we will not have classes on 16 March 2018, and we'll next meet on 06 April 2018 for the discussions on Concurrent PLs. I will also release the questionnaire for Problem Set 3 later, but the deadline will still be as originally scheduled (30 March 2018, 11:59pm). Hoping for your patience and understanding. Hope to see you all later! :)

19 January 2018 - This is the web page for Jan Michael C. Yap's CS 220 (Survey of Programming Languages) class. Pertinent materials and announcements regarding activities in the course will be posted here.

 Dates Lesson / Activity Slides / Materials
01/19/2018Introduction Slides 
01/26/2018 Review of Programming Language ConceptsSlides 
02/02/2018 Some Properties of Programming LanguagesSlides 
PROBLEM SET 1Questionnaire
02/09/2018 Imperative Programming LanguagesSlides 
Sample Codes
02/23/2018 Object-Oriented Programming LanguagesSlides
Sample Codes 
PROBLEM SET 2Questionnaire
03/09/2018 Functional Programming LanguagesSlides
Sample Codes 
03/09/2018Declarative Programming LanguagesSlides
Sample Codes 
PROBLEM SET 3Questionnaire
04/06/2018 Concurrent Programming LanguagesSlides
Sample Codes 
04/13/2018 Dataflow Programming LanguagesSlides
Sample Codes 
PROBLEM SET 4Questionnaire
ORAL REPORTSTopic Assignment and Schedule

 05/18/2018 WRITTEN REPORTGuidelines

  • Syllabus can be downloaded here.
  • Copy of the 2012 Code of Student Conduct can be downloaded here.