CS 133 - Automata Theory and Computability (2nd Semester, AY2017-2018)


  • Syllabus for this 2nd Semester AY 2017-2018.

  • [31 Jan 2018] [THU] No class meeting tomorrow, 1 Feb 2018.

  • [14 Mar 2018] [THU] No class meeting tomorrow, 15 Mar 2018.

  • [15 May 2018] [THU] Here is a summary of your exams: CS133THU. Some notes regarding the summary table:

    • Under the 4Pass? column: The value is TRUE if your average is greater than or equal to 60%. FALSE otherwise.

    • Under TakeFE? column: The value is TRUE if you have taken all exams (there will be at least 0.1 pt if you had) AND there are at least two exams greater than or equal to 50% AND the value under 4Pass? is FALSE. Otherwise FALSE.

    • Those who have FALSE under TakeFE? will have their final grades indicated under the tempCRS column. You have until next week (21 May 2018) to check, and if any, submit a complaint for further corrections.

    • For those who must take the Final Exam/Removals, schedule of the exam will be announced later this week.

  • [20 May 2018] [THU] For those who will take the final/removal exam, the set date is on the 24th of May 2018, Thursday, 1300H - 1500H. Please notify me of any conflict.

  • Results for the Finals/Removals:

    • xxxx-xx359 - 27/50 - FAILED

    • xxxx-xx551 - 36/50 - PASSED

    • xxxx-xx265 - 31/50 - PASSED

    • Those that passed the finals/removals, you will be given a grade of 3.00.