Slide Presentations for the 18th International Conference on Membrane Computing (CMC18)

Post date: Jul 19, 2017 7:47:21 PM

Here are the slides and audio-visual presentations for the papers of ACLab members accepted in the 18th International Conference on Membrane Computing (CMC 18) to be held at University of Bradford, U.K. on 24-28 July 2017.

1. On Evolution-Communication P systems with Energy Having Bounded and Unbounded Communication

(R. Juayong, N. Hernandez, F. Cabarle, K. Buño, H. Adorna)

[AVP] [PDF] (slides)

2. A Simulation of Transition P Systems by Numerical P Systems with Migrating Variables

(N. Hernandez, H. Adorna)

[AVP] [PDF] (slides)

3. Communication Complexity of Distributed Tissue-like P Systems for Solving SAT Problem

(K. Buño, H. Adorna, L. Pan, B. Song)

[AVP] [PDF] (slides)

4. Deterministic Solutions to NP-Complete Problems using Numerical P Systems with Lower Thresholds

(I. Macababayao, E. Amores, N. Hernandez, F. Cabarle)

[AVP] [PDF] (slides)

5. Simulating Evolutional Symport/Antiport by Evolution-Communication and vice versa in Tissue P Systems with Parallel Communication

(H. Adorna, A. Alhazov, L. Pan, B. Song)

(to be presented orally by co-author(s) or a colleague (?))

6. On Languages Generated by Spiking Neural P System with Structural Plasticity

(T. dela Cruz, F. Cabarle, X. Zeng)

[AVP] [PDF] (slides)