Theory Days 2022

Theory Days 2022 synopsis:

Theory Days 2022 (in short, TD22) celebrates two main reasons: 15 years of Algorithms and Complexity Laboratory (in short, AClab) at the Department of Computer Science in UP Diliman, as well as 110 years since the birth of Alan Turing. TD22 aims to celebrate both these reasons by providing talks under the general theme of discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, and including but not limited to, other interests of AClab or Turing, e.g. theories on intelligence, education, puzzles, games, morphogenesis, theoretical biology, philosophy.

Some details of Theory Days in previous years can be found in \url{}.

Talks or other activities in TD22, such as brainstorming or break-out sessions, are largely informal in nature: the main reason is to provide a venue to initiate discussions which may lead to (in)formal collaborations, conference or journal articles, open problems for (under)graduate students and the computing community, or just for fun.

TD2022 will be a set or series of talks. To register please use the following details: 

List of talks can be found here (to be updated):

(please bear with us as some of the scheduled talks may be edited, e.g. added, removed, rescheduled. kindly regularly check this page and the schedule above for updates, announcements)

for doubts about TD2022 please email Francis Cabarle: fccabarle at up dot edu dot ph.

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