Photos from Theory Days 2017

Members of Algorithms and Complexity lab (in short, ACLab) provided a 2-day lecture series to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ACLab, and the 105th birthday of Alan Mathison Turing (the founder of computer science). Details of the 2-day lecture series are HERE.


 "Ten years of Computer Science Theory at UP Diliman" 

by Henry N. Adorna

"Alan Turing: Life and Impact of His Work"

by Jaime D.L. Caro

"Approximation of Two Simple Variations of the Poset Cover Problem"

by Ivy Ordanel

"On Hierarchies and Relations of Workflow Properties in Robustness Diagram with Loop and Time Controls"

by Jasmine Malinao

"At the spiking edge of research in spiking neural P systems"

by Francis George Cabarle

Some Board Work during Afternoon Discussions


"ECPe systems with bounded and unbounded communication"

by Richelle Ann Juayong

"Advice Complexity of Online Problems"

by Jhoirene Clemente

"A Simulation of Transition P Systems in Numerical P Systems with Migrating Variables"

by Nestine Hope Hernandez

"On Languages Generated by Spiking Neural P System with Structural Plasticity"

by Ren Tristan Dela Cruz

"Updates on simulations of SN P systems in NVIDIA CUDA graphics processing units"

by Jym Paul Carandang

"Bioinformatics in genomics: classical and recent algorithms and methods"

by Jan Michael Yap