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"Some think I'm insane, 'cause I think about the other thing than that one thought you call reality. What if what you thought about who you think you thought you were, was nothing more than illusion rapidly crumbling?!" - Azwethinkweiz, Incubus

Personal Background

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Howdy! My name is Jan Michael C. Yap*, but I usually go around by Jan. I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Science from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and an ACLab member since 2007. My main research interest is in computational biology and bioinformatics, specially focused in application to rice biology. This is mainly due to my collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) during my time as a graduate student both in the Master's and Ph.D. level. I also dabble with data analysis and visualization, this time owing to my being a fanboy of Sherlock Holmes (the print stories, mind you, although I'd say the movies starring RDJ, and the British TV series aren't half-bad).

* - At least that's what the Illuminati and the Men in Black want you to believe

Educational Background

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science, UP Diliman, 2014

  • Dissertation Title: A Framework for Regression-based Inference of Candidate Genes Causal To Salt Tolerance in Rice

Master of Science in Computer Science, UP Diliman, 2007

  • Thesis Title: Modeling the CD95 Receptor Mediated Pathway of Apoptosis using Stochastic Pi-Calculus

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, UP Diliman, 2004

  • Project Title: CoRSAIR: Hybrid Neural Network and Hidden Markov Model-Based Intrusion and Misuse Detection through System Call Analysis

    • Done together with Mr. Elson B. Manahan and Mr. John F. Surban